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What is #lockdownlunch?


In May this year in the middle of lockdown and difficult times I started photographing my lunch, beginning with breaded chicken two ways. It made me laugh so I posted on Instagram, others felt the same, then I explored the beige food repertoire and posted more. But I thought, this isn't really healthy, so explored more avenues with, dare I say it, fruit and veg.


I was inspired to produce a book from all the feedback, and our local foodbank the Albrighton Community Fridge in Southwark, London, needed help as they were overwhelmed by those in difficulties. So I printed 200 copies and gave them away in exchange for donations. I have since raised £3,000 and given away 175 copies of the book.


You can still make this a Christmas stocking filler - get in touch and help the Albrighton Centre.

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